A& GSM without reset pin

I have an A6 but I can not put it to work. My module is powered by microusb as a mobile, and accepts TTL communication.

One of my doubts is this: my module does not have a reset pin. I send you the images.

How can I perform the reset function?
Thank you very much

Please elaborate what problem you are facing? Can you put some screen shots here?

Some libraries for A6 use the reset pin.
For example,

Check whether your GSM module getting sufficient current for operation.

I use a mobile power supply, 5V 2A

I have several types of SIM800/900 modules, and always the same doubts: how to handle the PWR and the Reset

It also exists in this in particular another pin called EN, I think it is “enable”


This below two links might help you for your development.



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