A new non-blocking library for SIM800L modules

Hello everyone,
I work as a firmware engineer at Appiko, we develop Tech for Wildlife conservation.
For one project we needed to use the SIM800 module to communicate with the server. while working on that project we realized that there is no mainstream, open-source, non-blocking library that can be used with anything apart from Arduino.
So we wrote our own library. We tested this library with the nRF52 series controller. This library has 2 different layers. 1st layer to queue up the AT commands. and 2nd layer to execute that AT command.
Users can just change the 1st layer to use whatever AT module they want.
Properties of this lib :

  1. Non-Blocking
  2. Open-source
  3. 2 layered architecture
  4. Separate layer for AT command execution

To read more about this library, just visit Appiko’s medium page :

To use that library you can refer Appiko’s GitHub page :

your precious feedbacks and suggestions are much welcomed and needed.

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