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Sir I have made GPS tracker using SIM808 and its work correctly with long wire GPS antenna. But problem is, it’s takeing more than 1 minutes to tack GPS signal with long wire GPS antenna and sometimes it’s takes more than 6 minutes. And it’s not tacking signal in house I always have to come outside of my room to take GPS signal. So how to solve this problem and I want to use internal GPS antenna. I have 3 types of antenna long wire Glonass, internal active and passive type antenna. internal antenna tack more time to take GPS signal and when we are in running mode so its never tack GPS signal if we stop bike for 20 sec then its take GPS signal so its necessary to stop our movement to tack GPS signal?
So, According to your experience which internal antenna is better to tack GPS signal in short time and can GPS antenna fetch GPS signal in house.

Diffrence betweent internal active and passive antenna to fetching signal? which one is better?

It’s hard for GPS and sometimes impossible to get signal from satellites when you’re inside home
GPS stands for global positioning satellites , so you have to be in open-sky environment to get gps signal , even very tight roads with high buildings around can prevent your GPS from seeing the satellites and therefore it won’t get location lock which needs atleast 4 satellites used to get a location
time depends on signal quality and which mode you use ( cold start , warm , hot ) and also try to use GNSS instead of GPS ATCs with NMEA lines , and no you don’t have to stop moving , it only depends on the environment and how many satellites seen by GPS antenna

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hi all,
i am using sim808 module for my project,in this case i need to use my PWM pins i tried with AT commands it was working. But when i am trying with demo code given by simcom it was not working. Can anyone help me please.