Adafruit I/O http data post body format



Hi Ravi, I saw your Adafruit I/O tutorial.I followed the step to get info on feeds and I was able to get the info in JSON format, but when i created a feed and then tried to post a value i get:

{“error”:“cannot process request - failed to save data to feed postvts. param is missing or the value is empty: datum”}

the body format i used is: {“datum”:{“value”:“89.0”}}

please help me sort out this issue.

Thanks in advance


Hi Gowtham,
Adafruit has changed a lot in their site. I am not sure if they have kept the API same. Try to go through their API documentation once and see if we are doing something wrong in packet format.


Hi Ravi, it turns out that i have to add content type in the header, after adding the content type the error is fixed.

Thanks & regards,


Glad that you got it working :slight_smile: