Amplifier for SIM808


I will be using my SIM808 in a vehicle to be a handsfree phone. Therefore I need a loud speaker.
I figured out I better use an amplifier.

Can you recommend me an amplifier please or tell me the proper term to search for?
Probably something with differential?

Here’s what I figured out:

  • If I used only + or - of the module, I have a lot of noise with a mono amp
  • If I put - of the module to gnd, the module dies
  • A lot of amps on ebay have - connected to gnd and therefore kill the modem…

The signals are at earphone levels. Check out TPA6205A1, this is ideal for driving speakers present on cell phones. The hardware design guides for Telit/Ublox modules have reference circuits. Check them to get idea on usable hardware.