Answer the call if number saved in simcard otherwise cut the call

how to program the arduino to answers only saved two numbers inside simcard and cut others number call if call come from other number

Its possible to parse the incoming message easily.
I will make a tutorial to read incoming number soon . Stay tuned and subscribed to get alerts.

I think you may have to look at the sim tools AT command section of sim800.

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@patel_bhautik You can use this AT commands.

ATD> Originate phone call to number in memory
AT+CPBF Find phone book entries
AT+CPBR Read current phone book entries
AT+CPBS Select phone book memory storage
You can Study these commands from commands from data sheet.

To read contacts and copy it in local variable during boot. While you receive a call you need to parse caller number and need to compare it with the contact number which is copied in local variable. If you get call from other number you can use ATH command to cut the call.

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thank you for the guidance. now got the way but problem is that how to get incoming number and compare with save number…

Whenever GSM module get incomming call it will send you the responce as below.

+CLIP: "+91xxxxxxxxxx",145,"",0,"",0

Phone number replaced with x

You need to separate the phone number from string you received using simple parsing.

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Hai… I also have a Same problem, My sim800l should Answer the Call if the incoming number saved in simCard. And am using Arduino Uno. I tried with all the above AT commands, but still not working…
So ,Developers… Please share the the Arduino code to solve my problem…