Arduino lookup table

Hi all ,
I am trying to design a medical grade thermometer, for which i want to make a look up table.
I have seen the arduino official forum and implemented a same example but i am unable to understand the mapping of data by look up table. For example If am creating a small table as below:
Temp Voltage
50° F (10° C) 3.51 V DC
68° F (20° C) 3.07 V DC
86° F (30° C) 2.60 V DC
104° F (40° C) 2.13 V DC
122° F (50° C) 1.7 V DC
140° F (60° C) 1.33 V DC
158° F (70° C) 1.02 V DC
176° F (80° C) 0.78 V DC
194° F (90° C) 0.60 V DC
212° F (100° C) 0.46 V DC
How should i go about it.
I am not able to reproduce the table as it is.

Hello Shivam.
Use this example

Thanks, but i want to use a lookup table because my sensor will not support the formula mentioned above to convert ADC reading in volts to temperature. It will be helpfull for me to use a look up table as i want the precision to be up to 2 decimal places.

Someone please help me in getting lookup table in arduino.

Here is how you should do it,

typedef struct
    float f;
    float c;
    float Voltage;

TemperatureType Temp[10] = {
{50,   10, 3.51},
{68,   20, 3.07},
{86,   30, 2.60},
{104, 40, 2.13},
{122, 50, 1.7},
{140, 60, 1.33},
{158, 70, 1.02},
{176, 80, 0.78},
{194, 90, 0.60},
{212, 100,0.46}

To get the corresponding fahrenheit from voltage you should compare all the indexes from 0 to 10 in a loop and print out the matching value.

V = ReadADC();
    if(V == Temp[i].Voltage ) {  Print(Temp[i].c); } // To print in celcius   or Temp[i].f to print the value in farenhiet.

This is absolute comparison, you should use ranges like Vmin and Vmax and compare the voltage if its within that range and print it out.

The code above is just a pseudo code to give an idea, You need to adopt it to the platform you are using.

Please see the link below which i am trying to implement.

I am not able to get the corresponding values.