Arduino Software serial not working with GSM module

Hello Good Morning
i tryed software serial and not working Why !!
GSM Model + Arduino Nano
i tryed
Serial.begin 9400 For Arduino
MySerial.begin 115200 for Gsm start in thia bandwidth
and not working Can u tell idea

Good morning.
Are you saying that you are using 9400 baud rate for Arduino and GSM module is set to 115200 ?
They both have to be set to same baud rate.
And , 9400 is not correct standard baud rate, it must be 9600, I assume its a typo.

Either change baud rate of Arduino in code to 115200 or
Change modules baud rate using AT+IPR=9600 command.

Srry My Bad i meen “9600"
Must Be both of them " 115200” ?! Thia will work ?!
if i used "AT+IPR=9600"
it will change bandwidth From 115200 To 9600 ?!
and this AT Commend where to write ?!
thnx for replaying

You need to send the command to module using any terminal software connected to module through PC.
Or you change the baud rate of Arduino itself to 115200.
Yes baud rate should be same on both sides.


Thnx for replying
I will try and tell u the result

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Changing the baud rate of Arduino worked. Thanks