Arduino Uno + Sim868 communication not happening properly


I have connected Arduino Uno to Sim868 board but the data is not being transmitted properly. I am attaching the screenshot. It would be really nice if I get any help.

Hi Vartika,
Can you post capture of module response also. Here we dont see any data that module is sending. You need to connect a terminal software to USB-UART converter and do this.

And, its always better to make it work with terminal before going to Arduino.
The codei have given is only for guidelines it doesnt take care of the AT command responses. You have to tune it for that.

Hi Ravi,
The data that is being sent from Arduino is adding some garbage value. The data from Arduino itself is not being sent properly.

The problem is happening with serial.write(). serial.write() is adding garbage value

The junk characters you see are binary data and they are not junk values.
Its correct. :slight_smile: