Assembly Services

Hello Ravi,
I saw that you have purchased puhui t960 reflow machine. So i had few questions if you dont mind answering.

  1. How was your experience in using the machine?
  2. Is it cost-effective? I mean the cost of running the machine vs the cost of getting it assembled
  3. Do you recommend getting that reflow machine?
  4. Are you getting clients for assembly services?

Thank you
I’m asking these questions to you because I’m also thinking of buying reflow and pick n place machine and intend on providing assembly services as well as component sourcing.

Hi Paul

  1. Its a great machine. Works really well. Only after lockdown the motor for jammed. Its due to non usage. But am these years it worked fine.
  2. Yes its worth every penny. Very useful. I haven’t went to assembling outside after purchase.
  3. Yes, get it.
  4. Yes people do ask me but I am not taking up any jobs as we have too many in house projects and we don’t gave a pnp machine yet.
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Thank you Ravi.
is it possible to connect via mail or phone?
we are starting out in assembly services and would be a great help if you can give some guidance and mentoring.