AT+CIPGSMLOC=1,1 is not giving proper output

Haii Everyone,
I am facing a problem with AT command for SIM900A.
I am using AT+CIPGSMLOC=1,1 to get location and current date time of the gsm module. Before it was working fine, I was getting required data without any problem. Now it’s giving latitude and longitude value as 0.000000 . Date and time is correct except the latitude and longitude. Why is it happening? Any idea how to solve it?
I am attaching the output of serial monitor as well to give a clear idea of my problem.
Kindly help to resolve this problem. Thank you

The coordinates are values from your network tower. They can be programmed or not programmed into the network server. Try different SIM card and see,

I am now getting exactly the same thing. It used to be OK and I haven’t changed SIM cards. This is just in the last few weeks i think… Did you resolve the issue?

Hey, that’s exactly my problem since some days.
Changing the SIM doesn’t solve the problem. And I am not able to change the “tower” :wink:
May I ask you, which provider you are using ? We are telekom customer, located in germany.

I am also having the same issue in the UK using the sim800l (O2 sim and Vodafone SIM tested). Any body have any ideas ? poor signal for GPS ? I am using the standard antenna on the connector (flat pcb one) and the metal coil antenna connected to the NET pin.

Hello and welcome! Have you tried the solution proposed by @Andrej_S on this post?

Hi there ,

I did attempt to install the new firmware but I didn’t have the required components (leads etc). Can i upgrade the firmware through the Arduino to the sim800l? What I don’t understand is that why don’t they work out the box. I have over 10 of these sim800ls that (if the new firmware does fix the issue) I now have to manually update the firmware… madness really.

I’m not sure, check some of the tutorials made by @RaviPujar, I’m almost certain that he has covered this subject.

For what I’ve understood from the solution proposed by @Andrej_S, you probably have a “more updated” version of the firmware, and you should downgrade to a previous version which still has the necessary commands. If I have to guess, there might be the intention of deprecating this feature, either by SIMCOM and/or the network providers in general.

@viedana Cheers Viendana for the information. I will look into it :smiley:

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