AT+CLBS network location by triangulation not working, Firmware update?

hello ,
I’m having a kinda big project and right now I want to add network location to my code due to lack of gps locking at many environments
so I tested AT+CIPGSMLOC at my sim808 module and I found that it only returns the location of closest antenna
so after searching on the internet I found that AT+CLBS is the command that does the triangulate from 3 antenna’s to get the sim location
but seems like my firmware (or maybe hardware) doesn’t support it
so right now i’m trying to find out if there’s a firmware available for my sim808 that supports
AT+CLBS=1,1 command .
my current version is : 1418B01SIM808M32
and this is GSM LOCATION pdf for sim800 series with AT+CLBS

I’m still stuck here
SIMCOM doesn’t answer me , I heard february is a vacation in china
but i’m stuck and can’t get new firmware to try this ATC
idk what to do :frowning:

If you get OK response for CLBS command i think firmware support should be present.
If you get ERROR as response you might need different firmware.

You can try mailing to (Indian SIMCOM support)
But i am not sure they will support outside country requests. You can give it a try.

it gives me an ERROR that’s why I’m looking for newer firmware
also AT+CIPGSMLOC is working so both can’t be working same time cause they’re in different app notes for GSM location .
I’ll try to contact Mahesh , thanks a lot

Since, we are talking again about CLBS command, i switched to this topic.

Just checking if you activated the bearer profile using SAPBR commands before sending CLBS?

yea I have this gsm location app note
I did the same in the example but all CLBS orders giving me error
and CIPGSMLOC still working even after upgrading the firmware .