Best way and place to upload GPS data

Dear members,

I am trying to use a SIM808 module to upload the GPS location of the module. It’s going all good but I am confused about where should I upload the GPS coordinates. I don’t have much knowledge of computer networks so perhaps that why I am facing difficulty. I have seen TCP/IP, MQTT and HTTP commands of the module but I am not sure how which one should I use. I have uploaded dummy values to ThingSpeak using TCP/IP but it seems too slow. I want to upload GPS location every 2sec or 5sec. What should be the best server to do this? Any code sketches would be appreciated as well.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Usman,

MQTT/TCP is always lighter and faster than HTTP.

Do you plan to use your own server or plan to use ready made PAAS.?


Thanks Ravi for the swift response.

I would like to use a free service. Any free server that can allow me to upload data in real time. I looked into your video related to deepstream but I can’t find how to install or sign up to use the database.


Stay tuned, i am uploading a video in two days on how to save MQTT messages to a database using two open source broker and REST API backend. It should help you. :slight_smile: