Bootloading an atmega 328p TQFP

I am trying to bootload an atmega 328p TQFP using an arduino pro mini. But i am unable to do it using arduino IDE. Please tell how i should proceed ahead?

Can you tell which programmer you are using to burn boot loader.

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I am trying to use arduino as isp.

It shouldn’t be a problem when you are using Arduino as programming .Have you made connections as per Arduino guidance & do you have usbasp/usbtiny programmer.share the schematic of connections

No i dont have usbasp/usbtiny programmer.

Okay , no worries can you share the connections .I will help you to burn bootloader

Yeah thanks, I have uploaded the bootloader program through the usbasp programmer, but i am unable to receive any data on the serial monitor through Arduino IDE when i am uploading any program on the chip through usbasp programmer.