can someone help me :)

Good day , I’m working with project right now that will display text and logo in RGB LED strip using GSM module and arduino . I’m al ready done with that but the problem is My whole project requires a Admin

this is the scenario

student texted the number of GSM module then it will temporary stored (maybe on array)

then the admin need to approve it ( Display or Delete that message )

To display or delete message Admin requires a password and command like this:

STI123 Display MGS1
(password) (command) (message that stored)

can you give me example codes or some PDF to understand more about GSM module TIA guys :slight_smile:

Really it is not easy task to give example code here. You need to work out for get code ready. No one here will be having ready code for a project. You start writing code if you struck somewhere we are here to solve. :slightly_smiling_face:

For this you need to get and study datasheet for which GSM module you are using. You need to check some basic AT commands how to read SMS, How to delete etc.

You start writing code we will help out. :wink:

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