Carputer Advice Requested


I normally do not post asking for advice. I’m one of those guys that just builds it and hopefully the ideas will come. But this is a complex system(s) I want to build for my vehicle and I am hoping to get some advice from those that might have followed down the related rabbit holes, to save myself from grief making a wrong turn on my journey.

And yeah, that really sounds like I want to stand on people’s shoulders to create something great. To be honest, it’s for me. Something that if it works I plan to write tons about, and enjoy for my wife and I as we travel the open road.

We have a 2018 Kia Sorento and I want to install a carputer. Not in the dash, I was thinking more in the compartment just above the shifter. An OLED or LCD screen the size of the compartment opening, using the 2x12vdc and 1xUSB ports inside.

I do not have the dimensions on hand, but I was considering using the ODROID N2 for this idea, but choosing an OS on the emmc card has me wondering which to do. I LOVE Linux Debian (available), but all my awesome apps also run on ANDROID (also available). So I considered doing 2, one Linux Debian and one ANDROID. The Linux one will act as a LAMP server and the other will run my apps for TORGUE, etc. I realize I will need a 2 to 1 HDMI adapter so I can switch between the two.

I want to have the Linux LAMP serving a wireless 5g that mirrors my home LAMP server so I have it in the field, but also want the ANDROID platform so I can enjoy GPS navigation, my TORGUE OBD stuff, and whatever else I can use it for, like accessing my vehicle camera’s live video feed (also wifi 5g).

Has anyone done anything like this? Any advice would be awesome, like links to others that might have done this.

Thank you so much for your valuable time!!