Choosing module

Dear sir, now a days 2g sim is not available in the market. So sim900 and sim800 will also be useless soon in India . Is there any solution of this problem or it would be a wise decision to use now 4g/lte modules for the business purpose. So which is the best 4g module you will suggest me along with the variant name (lile a,c,e). Sir, can we design a minimum functionality development board using ‘Reference Design’ given in datasheet ? And sir, if i buy a 4g module (image attached) then is it preloaded with all the software/firmware or we need to install on my behalf. Also how to choose the antenna for 4g module ?
Thanks and regards…

Hi Ashok,

The modules to be chosen for current scenario in India are SIM7600 and SIM7500. As 4G connectivity doesnt exist everywhere you need to have a fall back option to 2G or 3G which these modules provide.
You need to buy readymade eval boards and test the functionality and the support for required network operator and proceed. Since 4G is new, very less information is available on support for new 4G module designs. Antenna is based on the frequency band to be used. Look at Taoglas antennas.