Collecting MVNO name of connected SIM

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A limited number of companies provide the mobile phone networks in each country, but they lease their networks to smaller companies these are Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) eg ASDA Mobile, BT Mobile & Virgin Mobile use EE’s network here in the UK

What I need to collect is the MVNO name using AT commands, so I can use this against a lookup table that will return the relevant credit request code eg Lycamobile *131# or giffgaff *100# for the currently used sim.

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Hi Nick,
I think you should look at Engineering mode command in SIM800 modules. Which module you are using?
In SIM800 module we have a command called AT+CENG using which we can enable retrieving of Network operator code and many more details.

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Currently just a SIM800L, going to test now…will report back results


Hi Ravi,

Whoop Whoop found the answer, for anyone finding the same issue the answer is

will return +CSPN: “giffgaff”,0 if an MVNO SIM is inserted
will return +CSPN: “”,0 if a PRIMARY OPERATOR SIM is inserted

So to correctly conclude the actual sim inserted 2 commands will be required…
AT+CIMI (first 3 chars country code, chars 4&5 PRIMARY OPERATOR code)

Everything else returns the actual network used…eg

AT+CIMI, AT+CENG etc will return 02 against SIM for giffgaff


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Glad you found it Nick :slight_smile: