Communication Problem Sim800

Hello, I am trying to connect Sim800 to pc, but i am unable to issue AT command.

Signals on Sim800:
1.) Red light ON.
2.) Green light ON.
3.) Blue light blink after 3 sec.

This much information not enough to debug the problem.

Any way how you are connecting GSM modem to your PC? which serial monitor you are using? Do you receiving any other initial strings from GSM when power on? Your GSM should reply something like this after power on.


+CFUN: 1


Call Ready

If not, try to check whether RS232 to USB converter is working or not. Check whether communication between PC and GSM is happening.

Hey! thanks for your advice…:+1: I think the problem was in jumper wires, after replacing all of them now its working fine.

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Good, It worked :slight_smile: You got solution for your problem. Please post here how you solved the problem. So that it will help others.

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