Data transfer with tcp/ip

Hi, I have a question. How can I do m2m data transfer with tcp/ip and sim808 ?
I’m waiting for your help.

You can follow this video for commands . They are applicable for SIM808 also.

Thanks for your help.
Also, sometimes the connection was disconnecting when using the sim900. Which module do you advice for this not to happen?

This module work fine, but problem can be in not good quality power supply. Also your sim module can not fit tightlyto the pin for sim card.

Module is not a problem. SIM900 is very good module.
The network can disconnect sometimes.
Or server itself can also disconnect on inactivity.

Thank you for your answer.

Thanks for your answer.

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Hi Ravi,

When I try the same steps with SIM808. The problem is when I do CIPSEND, I get ERROR. And when I check the CIPSTATUS?, it says that is trying to connect. And if I just wait, it fails. I have very strong signal. AT+CSQ gave me 28,0.

Does this have to do with the firmware version? I have B02 on this SIM808. Which does not support SSL either.

Were you able to do TCP/IP CIPSEND on the SIM808?