DDNS server, Dynamic ip for SIM900 , SIM800, SIM808 modules

Is it possible to make DDNS server connections with modules like SIM900 or similar SIM800, SIM808 and find new IP addresses of two units with dynamic IP address?

Hi Merve,
I think the modules cannot be reached from outer network as a TCP server as they are behind a network firewall and the IP keeps changing every time you disconnect and connect. I am not sure on this.
But you can maintain a always open connection to keep IP constant.
What do you want to achieve by doing this?

Hi Ravi,
I will communicate with M2M, sometimes the power of Sim900 is cut off. And the IP of the other machine needs to remain constant when communicating.

Yes, it will keep changing. You should use a intermediate entity like a HTTP server or a MQTT broker which can make the two machines talk to each other.
Make one as publisher and other as subscriber and let them talk to each other by MQTT over TCP with the help of brokers. You can get free broker service from cloudmqtt.com or Adafruit.

Is there a different method you can recommend for M2M?
And can the APN server be installed as free and get a certain network?