Dead after Firmware Update

Hello, I have a SIM 808 EV Board and I wanted to upgrade to the a newer version. On the device, there was a firmware version beginning with 13.

I’ve followed several guides I’ve found on the internet. The flashing itself works, but when finished, the board does not power up again after pressing the power button (no leds are blinking). I could reflash other version succesfuly but none of them helped me to power up the device.

  • I’ve tried it with SIM800_Series_download_Tools_Customer_v1.10 and SIM800_Series_download_Tools_Customer_v1.19

  • I tried to flash these firmwares: 1418B04SIM808M32 1418B03SIM808M32_BT_EAT 1418B03SIM808M32

  • I’ve tried several power supplys, and also a Lion Battery. I never had this problem before the firmware update.