Dev Board for learning ARM Cortex M programming

Hello sir I want to learn ARM Cortex M programming, so wanted to get a Dev Board. Which one do you suggest I buy? I think I should start with the Cortex M3, like the STM32 family(seems very popular). There’s a STM323 Discovery Kit which seems to be the one for beginners, with a STM32F303VC MCU. Should I get this? If yes, from where do I buy it at an affordable cost? Thanks in advance.

Hi Tejas,
You can get lot of boards at low cost in different market places. Nowadays the NUCLEO boards are popular. You can look at STM32L based NUCLEO boards. You can find cheap boards at compared at other sites. But the waiting time is more as they import from China.

The STM32F4 or STM32L0 series MCU are the newest and most used and you should start with that.

Thank you! I’ll look into them. :slight_smile:

Sir Nucleo boards aren’t available on the website you mentioned. Neither are the F4 or L0 boards. Where can I find them?

It’s having other STM32 boards.
For nucleo boards try


Thank you. It’d be a bonus if there were sensors on board like Accl, Gyro, or others to learn interfacing them. Do these boards have any?

No, you will need shields on top of them.
This link has sensors but its a little expensive.

Thank you. Sadly, it is quite out of my budget. I was thinking about this STM32f3 Discovery board with on-board MEMS motion sensor, 3-axis digital output gyroscope , 3D digital linear acceleration sensor and a 3D digital magnetic sensor. It’s on aliexpress for Rs.1450. Link
Is it good?

Yes that is good enough. Search for its local availability in India.
Try my Indian search engine :wink:

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Is it better to get one of these minimum system dev board Amazon link ? They are much cheaper and cost around Rs.350, and are readily available. How does one program these? I have a CP2102 USB-Serial adapter. Can I use it to program? If I take this dev board, I can buy any sensor module and interface with the board easily. That way i’ll understand the hardware connections better. Also I’ll have to take care of power supply, etc, which will add to the learning.

Hi Tejas,
Yes you can go ahead with that. You can program using UART also. But i would suggest getting a STLINK V2 or JLINK latest version for understanding debugging.

Why what is the advantage of having that? Debugging? Isn’t debugging only analysing what you receive via UART from the MCU? That can be done via the CP2102 also, right? Or is there something else to the STLINK V2?

Debugging is live view of variables and single stepping possibilities through code. It gives deep insights into whats happening in code.
Look at my VALTRACK demo videos, in one of the videos i show with a keil debug session ON and data and variables being displayed in realtime with updates.

Thank you. Where can I get both of them for cheap? Any other accessories you recommend to go with the board?

You can get from for STLINK-V2. Original version. They import from Mouser and give.
You can also get from other sites like element14 or etc.
JLINK i got one clone from

STLINK only supports ST MCU
JLINK supports all ARM MCU.
Check with vendor for your microcontroller support.

I have a little experience program stm32 mcu. and have a tutorial video at Welcome to my channel. Thanks