Does anyone have the linux drivers for this embedded USB WiFi adapter? (Altobeam atbm6022)

I was experimenting with a Wifi camera and accidentally overwrote the driver (*.ko kernel module) with the wrong driver. Unfortunately, I cannot find the driver anywhere else. I have searched all the Google search result pages (Only like 4 pages result). I have emailed some supplier and they refuse to give the driver unless I buy them (minimum quantity was like 10000 pcs, so that’s not happening)
The name of the chip is Altobeam ATBM6022 and the module used is called HR6022

This is a picture of the module (and camera)


The camera is a v380 camera
The exact model of the camera is V380E2_C2​, if someone with this camera can do a firmware dump of the flash and send it here, it would also be very helpful.

Some help to find this driver would be appreciated!