Dreamfactory as server to post HTTP/HTTPS post Data

I am planning to do an HTTP/HTTPS to any server using Quectel module,
Now what i want to know is, if i could make Dreamfactory as a server so that i can make HTTP/HTTPS POST/GET to this server.
so its a reliable server,

If its possible, what are all the steps i should follow,
Do i need to Buy anything from dreamfactory to make this possible.

Hi Randolf,
Its a very good server, supports REST API endpoints and custom scripting, which is awesome.
My clients are using it as backend for their fleet management system.

Its open source and free for databases like mySQL, but paid for databases like Microsoft SQL.
You can install from github to your own server or install bitnami packages or AMI on AWS.

I will do a video on it soon , but it might take some time.

To get started.
Get a instance on AWS and launch a bitnami appliance for dreamfactory and assign elastic IP and start using Dreamfactory.

  • Create database schemas for storing data
  • Start posting data via HTTP, it gets stored directly into database
  • View data using REST API endpoints.

Ask me here if you need anything.

Just to clarify Before i start going on this path,
This do support HTTPS posting right?.

Yes it supports. HTTPS posting is based on how you configure your server.
Dreamfactory is nothing but a laravel application :slight_smile: