ESP8266 Wifi module doesnt respond

hi, i am using this ESP8266 wifi module for my application. Though module works & respond most of time but sometimes it doesnt respond in proper response, so unable to connect to server at all & it remains like that forever even though through firmware i reset the module & send the reset commands.

Any solution for this is welcome…!!!


The module needs more current. if you are powering it through USB, its likely to behave like that. Use a separate power source.

This issue is still persisting…as i send “+++” or “AT\r\n” command to Wifi module then module responds but it doesnt give response in command string instead gives single letters like A or W or @ or + continuously. so cant check the response & also i am resetting the wifi module through gpio pin reset but still module remain in same state.

As you suggested, i have stm32f4 controller board & wifi module plugged on it & using 15VDC smps for supply & there is separate power source internally in circuit.

please find response of wifi & debug in ide

Are you sure you are using the correct baud rate?

yes…its working most of times but sometimes it remain above state only forever.
My other codes works correctly for the same module but what i developing now giving this err.
I think i missed something to do but cant find it now.

Any method to come out of this situation so that module start responding normally???,.

hi ravi,

actually problem was there in uart library codes of stm32f4 controller, so i replaced the libraries.
Its working full proof now.

Thanks for time…!!!


Glad to hear that :slight_smile:

Hi sandip,

I am facing the same issue

can you help me with that.

Is it possible to talk to you regarding this over call.?

Best regards

Hello Sundip,

Please help me with this ESP8266 issue. I am facing the same problem.

I want to know how you overcome that.