External SSL sim800 cerificate


Hi… I want to use an external SSl certificate for sim800…
How do I need to browse it and store it in sim800l for sending data every time to MQTT


Hi Kirti,
I havent tried it but, ou can use the command AT+SSLSETCERT . Look at this documentation.


Hi ravi…Thanks for your reply
I tried with this… but AT+SSLSETCERT gives me result 1… (thats not success)
and also what password do i need to send…
is there any default password set for SSLSETCERT?
Also how do I specify the size of file…do I need to give it an exact or random?


Hi Kirti,
I havent tried it so i cannot comment on it. May be someone else who have used it they can. You can try different values and see.