Fail to connect and Publish to AWS_IOT cloud using SARA R4

Hello everyone,

I’m using SARA R4 as a GSM module and I’m trying to communicate with the AWS_IOT cloud. I followed the documents of Ublox for communication with the AWS_IOT cloud, I have successfully did handshake between cloud and GSM module, but when I try to connect to cloud using MQTT connect protocol frame it closes the socket.
I’m not sure with problem where it is going wrong, either AWS+MQTT has different frame than normal MQTT3.1.1 or any other problem.
I did not found any reference code for AWS cloud communication with SARA R4 GSM module using MQTT. If any one has some suggestions for me or any solution to my problem I’m ready to test that codes.

Thank you everyone.

i am not sure how UBLOX MQTT works(what details it requires etc) but once i had a similar problem using hivemq and a sim800l module , the problem was that i was entering the same client id on my browser client and my sim800l when trying to connect and when two devices with the same id subscribe to the same topic , the first device will be kicked(loses connection) hope it helps somehow.