File Upload to Quectel RAM

I am working On Quectel EC25 module.
and as the project requirement i need to implement HTTPS function.
To successfully complete this, i need to upload CA.pem , clientkey.pem, client.pem, certificate files to the RAM.

Now the AT command used to upload files is AT+QFUPL(for quectel).
PS:- this command does not specify the path or location of the file in the Computer
Now my question is

Is it possible to execute this command from a Computer, through serial terminal application(Teraterm).
i have executed this command and it gives the response OK,
But when i check the File size in the RAM its shows 0.
That means Nothing as of now has been burned to RAM.

So if anyone knows a solution to this please guide me through.

okay, i have got the answer for this.
Problem solved

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Nice :slight_smile:
Sorry, I couldn’t get on it this week. Please share the solution so that others can benefit too.
There is very less Quectel knowledge here, you can bring in something.

hi… can you share the solution? i am facing the same problem.

have you got the solution?
.pem is ssl certificate. i have that. problem is i am not able to upload it

hi can you share solution am also facing same issue

I got the solution (it may be helpful for someone)
after the command AT+QFUPL=“broker2.pem”,1232,50,1
I sent total certificate file line by line from text window
after uploading1024bytes it will acknowledge with A

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There is an easier method which I found after spending an hour.
After sending the upload command as AT+QFUPL=“AmazonRootCA1.pem”,1188,100
(1188 is the filesize in bytes and 100 means the timeout in the above command)
Within the timeout interval, click Select File button. Browse for the certificate file and open it. Then click Send file button.

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