I would like to use firebase to control arduino gpio’s and get data from arduino to firebase using Sim800/Sim7100 modules

Please guide me for this,
Thank you

Hi Vineeth,
What interface are you using for Firebase, HTTP posts?
You can just use HTTP GET and POST commands for this. Where do you need specific help.

I wanted to use like example in the link below

Hello guys,
I would like to use firebase with arduino and sim7100/sim800, I found one article that uses UC20 3g module for this.
Article Link :

Please send link of

Hi there everybody. I need to know if someone has any example on how to make a POST and a GET with HTTP via SIM800 or anyone like it for posting in Firebase.

Thank you in advance

I have a video on HTTP requests on youtube. Should have the linux example code also on the blog.

hi Vineeth, did you already solve or succeed to send data to firebase using GSM sim800 and Arduino?
Can you help me because I have the same problem, I cant send the data to firebase using GSM sim800 and Arduino…