Getting Network Location using SIM900/SIM800 GSM modules

im a beginner and i have a question to you.
is this project using BTS (Based Tranceiver System)? and can we send the location to our smartphone with SMS?

What is Based Transceiver System?
Yes, you can write some software to read network location and send a SMS to smartphone with coordinates in it.

Hi Mr Pujar. I want to commend you on all your good works you are doing. In fact I really appreciate all your fine works. Please I want you to help me on a certain project I am doing right now. I have two codes and they are all about GSM. one sends sms to a number when a certain pin is high and the other gsm with it’s Arduino receives a text to ON OR OFF a light. The main problem I am facing right now is to combine the two codes together so that I will only use one Arduino Uno with one GSM Shield to send and receive at the same time. Please can you send me hi through this email so I give you the codes so that you combine them for me? My email is
Thanks so much in advance

Im sorry, i mean BTS (Base Tranceiver Station).
could you help me how to getting a position with triangulation system (3 BTS)?

Thank you for the appreciation. :slight_smile:
Do you want to hire me for the code combining service ?

For me the triangulation is not working. Only able to get network location using GSMLOC.