GNSS/GPS and their importance

Hi Ravi,

im working on GPS module of ublox 6M. I’m confused between GNSS, GPS and its output parameters e.g GNGGA,GPGGA. i have googled these things but did not find suitable answer. could you help me in this regard ?

  1. when to use GNSS or GPS ?
  2. what are the various terms, e.g, GNGGA, GPGGA, etc. represents?


Hi Anand,
If you module is GPS only enabled, it can catch navigation signals from USA satellite only. GPS is name for satellite constellation launched by USA.

If your module is GNSS enabled, it can catch navigation signals from GPS (USA satellites), GLONASS (Russian satellites), GAGAN (Indian Satellites), Galilieo (European satellites) , Beidou (Chinese satellites).

Having a GNSS module is advantageous because, American satellites are not visible everywhere all the time. Other country satellites might be helpful that time.

In times of war, if USA chooses not to send navigation signals from their satellite, then your hardware will stop working.
But if you have a GNSS module on board, then your module can always switch to other country constellations for navigation when one is not available.

In normal circumstances, GPS should be enough. :slight_smile:

thanks ravi. your answer has cleared many doubts of mine

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