GPRS sim800l to other country

Hi sir,

I use the GPRS of the sim800l module and I am able to post weather data to my website with no problems.
Recently I ship the same weather station to Italy, the user use a TIM sim cart, he set the apn and the connection was OK ,and the module starts to send data with no problems (am sure on that because if there was a problem the module should sent an error and my controller should restart it).
But the problem is that I am not receiving anything to my website.
If you have any Ideas why this happen I would really appreciate.

Where was it tested before ?
Does TIM sim card support 2G?

Hi, and thank you very much for reply.

I was test my software in Cyprus with several prepaid sim carts from a provider called CYTA - VODAFONE.
And I never have a problems, Also my program checks for the sim800l response every time , so am sure that I don’t have timing problems.
But now I send my unit to Italy, the person ho use it says that 2G is available there,( but I can’t be absolutely sure for that)
The module led blinks 3 times per second after he set the APN , indicading that is connected to GPRS, also the AT+CIPSEND command works fine with SEND OK response, am sure for that because if the response was ERROR my program should restart the module and try again. But I still get nothing to my website.
Is there any possibility that the module response with SEND OK , and for some reason the data doesn’t actually get received?

Check if he has enough credit on his SIM card. The network LED will start blinking fast when attempting connection and failing too. You need to look at AT command responses to be sure.
Check if he has right APN names. LED blinking fast doesnt mean everything is right

SIM card has enough credit because is able to send SMS, also my program sends an SMS to confirm that the module is connected to GPRS by checking the sim800l response, if there was no credit the module shouldn’t connect at all, it happens to me lot of times am sure for that.
According to datasheet the led is connected to a pin on the sim800l called NETLIGHT.
Below I upload a picture of the datasheet.