Gps fast connection with satellite

hi sir,
i m creating a vehicle tracker, so i am using gps module as neo6-mv2, almost every vehicle tracker working continuous connection with cloud…that will be battery low issue for the vehicle, so i want to power on vehicle tracker while engine on, but the issue is gps connection to satellite first take long time, especially while moving time, i tried neo6mv2 module’s antenna and i bought a new sma gps antenna, the second antenna is more powerfull than first one, but the issue is not solved, so what will i do for fast connection gps to satellite first connection even moving

The more powerful the antenna, the more power it will consume.
What is your question exactly? If you are asking about where to connect tracker so that it only turns on when ignition is ON. Then the local mechanic who knows about the vehicle you are using can help you better.

Most of these embedded doohickeys have some sort of “sleeping mode”, where they don’t consume as much power, but retain some essential functions. Maybe you can leave it in this mode and it might reconnect with the satellites a little faster.

In any case, have you measured how much power does the GPS part of your circuit consume? A car battery seems like a very large power source for such a small device to consume all its power in a reasonable amount of time. Unless the vehicles are left in the garage for weeks of course.

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