GPS project 2G to 4G

Dear Mr.Ravi,


I am planning to create the Real time GPS tracker using your valuable inputs available in YouTube and libraries

My doubts are:

1.GPS for 24/7 X 365 days working, should I need to use Raspberry pi or Arduino, because for high end data pushing to server, which one helps? If only for Real time GPS?

2.I read 2G will be phased out in a year or two, so which module should i use in case of 4G? The reason am looking is because, high priced modules wont work for our projects.

3. , This about future replacement of 2G module to 4G module, so can it be made with SIM800 or simillar products too? or which one is your choice.

FYI ; I wanted completely for GPS and nothing extra options (like Vibration/engine on/off etc…) and am completely from different domain, i wish your inputs can help me to start from scratch.

Hi Sasi,

  • You can use SIM800F which is compatible with SIM7000 and SIM5300 for future replacements.
  • Arduino is simpler and cheaper
  • 2G will stay for some time
  • SIM7600 is the preferred multiband module for 4G

Thank you Mr.Ravi,

Looking for an additional details about VALTRACK - V2B Product as well.

As it consume good amount of power in case of 24/7 X 365 days continuous usage with every single second sending data back to server (in HTTP tracking mode), and If I wish connect it directly to the car battery, or do you advice to get supply from in built regulator?

if I directly connect it to my CAR battery (64Ah), what additional attachment I need to add/replace? since you have added MP1584 switching regulator (4 to 28V).

Appreciate your reply.


Unless the voltage is exceeding the MP1584 ratings you done need anything to be added or replaced.
Normally 2G devices wont send faster than 15 second ping rate in HTTP mode. 5 second being the fastest in TCP.

Thanks Mr.Ravi,

is it possible to get a same real time track result like (OLA/Uber) using 2G module as mentioned 15 sec ping rate or to get such result how much ping rate would be needed?

So, If I wish to get a result of real time tracking (like OLA, Uber) then how can I make it with 2G device/ SIM800F series (4G compatiable) or what would be the ping rate If I go with VALTRACK - V2B,

Or in case, If I go with VALTRACK- V2B with SIM7600 series, how it works?


The V2 or V2B doesnt make difference. With MQTT over TCP you can easily acheive that speed at 10 second ping rate. V2 or V2B are very well capable of it. SIM7600 would be a over kill, but it can be used if you need 4G network usage

Thanks Ravi, and your support is great.

All the very best for your developments!

Thank you :slight_smile: All the best to you too