GPS tracker design - GSM power supply selection

Sir, my final year project is about vehicle vibration/accident detection. Here, I’m using Arduino Uno, Accelerometer ADXL335, GPS module Neo-6m, GSM SIM800. I’m going to mount this system on bike.

Which power source should I use for sim800? Datasheet i/p = 3.4 - 4.2v, 2A. I tried using 9v battery but its not working.

Also, is a 9v battery sufficient for Arduino Uno?

Since you are using 9V battery and module specs are 3.4V to 4.2V . Which regulator you used for reducing 9V to this voltage range?

Previously I connected it directly. It worked for some time. The ‘NET’ LED was blinking rapidly. Then it slowed down. Then it stopped working

After some search, I think to use a 3.7v 2100mah rechargable Li-ion 18650. With a capacitor.

If you connected 9V then its dead , Very unlikely it is doing to startup again.
The 186500 battery you chose is correct.

Well, Sir, good thing is that the sim800 module is still working. I connected a 3.7v, 5000mAh for supply.

Awesome, You can experiment now. :slight_smile:

Sir, my system is operational. Now I want to send sensor data to a database.

How to use GPRS service here?
Also should I make my own database/server or use free databases?
I have limited knowledge of Information technology.

If you have a hosting somewhere you can test it.
Check my videos on HTTP and MQTT. You can try the same.

Sir, I watched this video but couldn’t understand anything.

My system is like this

Hardware block is ready. I also get SMS alert through GSM module.

Now I want to send sensor data(Accelerometer values) through GPRS to a storage/database.

How can I use GPRS/internet service

What you didnt understand from the video?
There is tutorial on Adafruit and cloudmqtt which show how data can be sent via GPRS to the servers.
Go through all of them. its a playlist.
Study SIM modules HTTP and TCP AT commands, then you will come to know how to send data, Demos are in the playlist i shared above.

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