Gsm 800l not sending message

im connecting gsm sim800l to arduino uno through 5v supply from the arduino uno itself. the gsm module is blinking led per second initially then once in 3 secs… while burning the program its happening succesfully but the message is not sent to the mobile no… im using an airtel 4g sim which is active

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Are you powering the only thing powering the arduino and sim800 is the USB port connected to the arduino?

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yes, the only thing that is giving power to the gsm module is the 5v from arduino.

ok, that wouldn’t be enough. Depending on the module you are using, you most likely need to provide it with 3.7v to 4.2v and not 5v. And in all cases the module needs a power supply capable of delivering 2a of current (which you would not get from a USB port). Since you most likely would end up having a separate power for the sim800, remember to share the ground between the arduino and the sim800.

I recommend you to check the tutorials from @RaviPujar, there you’ll find lots of info for getting started with these gsm modules.

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im now using sim800l V2.0 whihc is powered directly by the arduino as shown in the tutorial for the same… now im having the problem that the power denoting led is reseting after every 7 blinks of the netwrok led and neither is the network led getting into the connected mode of blinks per 3 seconds

can you post the tutorial that shows a sim800l powered by an Arduino? It seems very unlikely. They might share the same power supply, but I don’t think a USB port coming just from a computer would be able to work reliably with a sim800l.

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