Gsm/ gprs/ gps sim 868

Does anyone know the current consumption of SIM 868 module?
I am trying to decide on which module to use and battery consumption is a critical issue in my project and websites aren’t mentioning it.
Thanks in advance

The consumptions vary on peripherals turned on and in what mode they are in. If you write them out, we can tell approx consumption to expect. And infact the hardware design guides mention all peripheral and mode current consumptions if you go through.

I am implementing FOTA for my project using FTP protocol. The controller I am using is ATSAMD20J and GSM module is SIM868. My file is around 25KB. I am dowmloading 1KB at a time using FTPGET command, but after downloading 1KB file, second time when i am sending AT+FTPGET=2,1024 getting “ERROR” response.
Does anybody have any solution to this problem?