GSM/GPRS module

Dear Sir, I want to make anti theft alarm for jewellery shops in my town which will send an SMS to the mobile phone when thief detected inside shop. I will use ultrasonic sensor and a PIR motion sensor with Arduino Uno. There are many options like SIM900, SIM800, Wavecom GSM Modem Q2406 and Q2303 etc. Plese suggest me GSM/GPRS modems for business purpose and not hobby type. Sir I am new in this filed so please help me so start my IOT busines. .

Hi Ashok,
Nice to know about your venture. All SIMCOM modules are business grade and function well. Go ahead and use any of them.
SIM800 is newer and cheaper variations like SIM800C or SIM800L are recommended. SIM800C is easy to solder.