GSM module Embedded AT Commands - Using without external microcontroller

I work actually on a project of tracking. When i do some research on the web, i see that my system need a GSM/GPS/GPRS module and a microcontroller to command the GSM/GPS/GPRS module. I want to reduce the number of components, by introducing the programm of the microcontroller in the GSM/GPS/GPRS module (because the GSM/GPRS/GPS module has an integrated microcontroller).

I think that this is possible if i have the possibility to modify the programm integrated in the GSM/GPRS/GPS module.

This is the origin of my problem. I am open to other propositions.

Thank you.

simcom modules support embedded AT commands, search and you will be on your way to a making cheap device

Yes, GSM modules like SIM800 have Embedded AT command support. But not much info available. SIMCOM officially doesnt support this, so i couldnt extract much information from them as they think it makes there module unstable to have users code run inside it. Which will result in bad review of there modules.
You can look at Telit modules, they support Python coding.

Thank you mbari for your reaction

Thank you @RaviPujar for your reaction.

Are you tried to use it ?

Hi Mr. Pujar
There are some simcom notes about Embedded At commands and also some codes available that use the API to code the 8 threads inside the, I believe, ARM based microcontroller of the Sim800 module.
Can you direct me to some third party sources or codes that have tried to do this ?
also, when did people stop digging around such stuff when there is no company support ?

There are some companies who have got SDK from SIMCOM. SIMCOM only gives to customers who place large orders or go through the right channel.

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Can anyone share Embedded AT examples?

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