please help me out to decide which gsm module to use for my application. my application is to communicate to a server continuously by sending and receiving a string but needs to run continuously. as of now I’m using the sim800l module, it works fine and connects to the server but after a couple of minutes it disconnects and probably never connects again I need to manually reset

I mean as far as hardware is concerned there isn’t much difference between Sim 800 modules, only minor differences and well some have Bluetooth some don’t and some have built-in GPS but most don’t.

In my opinion you should also check your server because maybe the server drops your connection(if it is a free server for testing it is not guaranteed to work). You also must implement a method in your software to handle disconnections because even if it is only a hobby project disconnections happen all the time specially using GSM so it will freeze no matter what module you use :slight_smile: