GSM Module SIM800L - Is it any good?

i Wana Know if GSM Model Sim800L is Good Gsm ?
can be use all AT commend On it And Low and High Power Or Not
If not Please tell me Good Gsm can i use on project

Hi Tefa,
Its a very good module. But i would recommend SIM800C simply because its having pins on the sides than beneath the module. SIM800C is having bluetooth also.
But if you are using SIM800L for just simple applications with a ready made board. Then go ahead, its more than enough.

Thnx For Replying Me
thnx for Advice i will look up for Sim800c i wish i can found in my Country
Both of them “L” And “C” Work`s fine with AT commend ?!

Happy to help :slight_smile:
Yes they work well and in the same way for all AT commands.

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Can i ask Something Else About CNC Shield
i Have CNC Shield And Laser engraver where i can plugin Laser on CNC shield !!

I don’t know about them as i have not used so far. You can ask related to Embedded systems.

Hello ravi thanks for sharing this great link. I am using Ai thinker A6 gsm modul. Bcos it very simple for hardware design and at command also easy.

Hi Akshay,
Thank you for registering.
How good is it?
How different is it w.r.t to SIMCOM modules.

One observation I made when comparing the A6 and SIM800l (i have both of them, minimum bare modules, not the full-fledged huge boards with the RS232 and capacitors, etc) is that the SIM800l module needs at least 2A to connect to a GSM network. It didn’t connect when powered by USB; it only did so when powered by a 3.7 Li-Ion battery (because apparently it can supply the required current). But the A6 module readily connected even when powered by USB…strange. Can anyone help me here?

Good observation. The current draw can indicate how efficient the module is. But this also is affected by the antenna used and also the signal strength of the chosen network in the testing area. And the 2A is defined for A6 module also, but it seems like it might be drawing lower current compared to SIMCOM module. You should also check the time until which it stays on connected and deriving power from USB.
Try to make a call to the module SIM card to find out if it runs ok when connected to USB

Yes I have one of those USB Power meters (which display voltage and current), it never goes up to 2A (granted, because they the 2A draws last only milli seconds). I’ve tried calling/messaging and 2G data calls (Http requests) on the A6 module, and it works seamlessly. Can’t say the same about the SIM800l, though. If it doesn’t receive enough power(eg : from USB), it enters into an infinite reset loop, and ofcourse never gets calls/messages/2G. But powered through a Li-Ion battery, it works fine. I think we need to consider the fact that the A6 is much, much newer compared to the SIM800l and hence the advanced tech must be the reason for lesser power consumption. Sadly though there isn’t much documentation supporting the A6 module.

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m using the SIM800C advice , connected on 5V from my UNO to its Vcc input. The DEL is blinking once a second, but I’m not able to make its communicate… Strange isn’t it ?

Have you a clue about that ?

Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

Can somebody tell me the actual difference between sim800l and sim800c…
does sim800c has 2 UART?

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