GSM module SIM900A not working - AT Commands not responding, No network

Haiii I am using the gsm 900A but it is not working properly its status signal blinking continuously and it is not responding for AT commands pls I need ur help

Please ensure that it has the recommended voltage,
Try swapping rx and tx wires and try different baud rates with each swap

Try what Peter said,
First things to check are your module is getting 4V 2A .
next check antenna connection.
Go through this post and see if it helps,

I had same issue. In my case, I was using micro sim & i was unable to install it properly on Sim900A. Try full Sim or adapter to connect it to gsm module.

Hi i have gsm900shiled in some times i do not respond to commands and i dont know where the bugs are but the bugs are not the source of power and have a solution thank you

SIM900A is really bannedd in india.please give the valid information why it is banned

It’s wrong information. Deleted it. It’s not banned. It’s dual band module. Works in India