GSM SIM800L General Queries related to Baud Rate and Delays

Hello Ravi,

I am using GSM SIM800L and have few basic queries -

  1. I connect my SIM800L module with an Arduino board. The baud rate in Arduino is set to be 115200 bits/sec and the GSM is set at Autobaud mode. So does this mean that GSM engine will sync itself with the arduino once it is powered on? And would this mean that the communication between Arduino and GSM module takes place at a rate of 115200 bits/sec?

  2. The specification of the module says that it has GPRS multi slot class12 connectivity: max. 85.6kbps(down-load/up-load). Does this mean that the data can be sent from GSM Uart buffer to a database(server) at the rate of 85600bits/sec? And will there be an inconsistency if Arduino and GSM communicate at 115200 bits/sec and the GSM sending data over internet at 85600 bits/sec(max)?
    How to solve this issue if it actually is an issue? I am not able to wrap my head around this.

  3. There is a significant delay while using AT+HTTPACTION command. I understand that the datasheet also mentions this delay but why do we conceptually have a delay while using this command? Also there are delays observed while using other basic AT commands. Why does this happen?

  4. Can the delay between ā€œnā€ successive calls of HTTPACTION be reduced if we use all the 4 channels of our SIM module?

Thanks in advance for your help. Please write back if the questions are not clear and you need any other info for the same.