GSM900A mini serial communication not working

I tried to use GSM900A mini module with Arduino UNO with Software Serial and Serial and also used Serial to USB converter also but still I did not get any response from it.

This is my video of Signal LED blink and connection.

This Photo Shows communication pins with Arduino UNO.

I am from Sri Lanka and I used Sri Lankan Sim cards. GSM Module: SIM900A Mini v3.4 IMEI : 864161026832936.

Lastly I Tried Your Video also but I did not get any call.

Please help me to sole this problem. How to test is from beginning? :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Did you try this checklist?

Did you watch my Youtube Video. That Signal LED blinking method is different. What is your suggest?

Why AT command not working? I did not get any serial data.

As RaviPujar said, click on the link.
Then go there :
There is the list of regions restrictions. Sri Lanka is not in the list of compatibles regions.

And :
On your video, at 1.40, we can see you power your module with the Arduino’s 5V.
If the Arduino’s power comes from a computer USB’s port, so the current is not enough.
Anyway, you must read documentation before choosing a module.