Gsm900and DTMFThe project consists of Arduino and Gsm900 and is controlled in Riley by keyboard numbers

Hi i have a gsm900 glide i want to control the reley via dtmf note that the network used here is G3 and thanks

How can we help you in this. If you elaborate where you are struck we can help.
If you need GSM relay controller, check this

int led = 13;unsigned char Buff[250];unsigned char BuffIndex;void setup()
{pinMode(led, OUTPUT);Serial.begin(9600);Serial.println("GSM DTMF Tutorial, Valetron Systems ");Serial.println("Any tech queries to be posted to ");delay(3000);Serial.print("ATS0=2\r\n");delay(3000);Serial.print("AT+DDET=1\r\n");delay(3000);memset(Buff, '\0', 250);// Initialize the string
void loop()
{Buff[BuffIndex] =;if( (Buff[BuffIndex-5] == 'D') &&(Buff[BuffIndex-4] == 'T') && (Buff[BuffIndex-3] == 'M') &&(Buff[BuffIndex-2] == 'F') && (Buff[BuffIndex-1] == ':') && (Buff[BuffIndex] == '1'))
{Serial.println("Button 1 Pressed, LED Turned ON");digitalWrite(led, HIGH);}
if( (Buff[BuffIndex-5] == 'D') &&(Buff[BuffIndex-4] == 'T') && (Buff[BuffIndex-3] == 'M') &&(Buff[BuffIndex-2] == 'F') && (Buff[BuffIndex-1] == ':') && (Buff[BuffIndex] == '0'))
{Serial.println("Button 0 Pressed, LED Turned OFF");digitalWrite(led, LOW);}

Hi and thank you I tried to apply this code but it did not work for me and i use gsm900shiled i did not know what is the reason can you help me thanks

This picture of gsm please help me thanks