Hardware specifications of GPS tracker

Thank you so much for the response sir.
my queries are:

1.I have done tracker with sim 808 and arduino which occupies more space and it has unnecessary
parts and ports in it.so i want to design pcb like yours which has motion sensor,GPS,sim 808. Iwant to embed the board in circular shape with same components that you valtrack V2 has.so sir can you tell me overall cost(assembling and pcb board)for me to build one tracker hardware.

2.I used HTTP to transfer from sim808 to webserver.I designed app to display tracking in maps.It is working fine.My doubt is that is 2G enough for this or 3G is required?(if required then which sim version to be used).

3.Instead of battery your module has the usb connector port to charge the battery.Is that the only to to charge the battery or
we can use the module without battery with just usb port.

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Good to know about your tracker design. I already told about cost of fabrication and assembling from known vendors, The end cost depends on the volume you manufacture and also on the component count.

2G is enough for tracking, but 2G is not available everywhere in some countries like USA and Australia.
If you are targeting only Indian market, then 2G is fine.

On my device we can charge using USB port or through a separate set of pins given on board.
Device can run any of the selected source, Battery or USB input or Charger pins.

Thank you so much sir. Can you provide me the info about where you have done fabrication and bought pcb boards.I really like your work sir. Questions keep popping in my head. Please help me sir.

Happy to help :slight_smile:
I get PCB done from www.pcbpower.com. They are the best right now.

okay sir :slight_smile:

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Thank you sir. You are the best :innocent:

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Sir what about the cost of your hardware components? Like the MCU, GSM/GPS module, and others?

Right now they cost around Rs.1500 in total.

So the cost price per tracker itself sits at around (567 + 800 + 1500) :open_mouth:

Yes for single pieces.

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Hello sir,
1.I would like to know among all the different sim modules like 800L,808,900. What is the best sim module we can use for GPS tracker(if data is transferred using HTTP).
2. Transferring coordinates using HTTP is the best practice for GPS tracker? If it is not then what is the best way?
3. If i have to order my design of hardware to pcbpower. How should i tell my design details and how can i know that my design will work after its delivered. Please tell me the steps how to order my design and how to make sure that it will work fine.
Thank you sir,

All three modules are fine and perform the same when used with HTTP. But SIM808 has GPS/GNSS built in and SIM800L and SIM900 do not. And all SIM800 series including SIM808 and SIM800L are having bluetooth in it.

There is no best way, it depends on your server backend requirements. I find HTTP to be less power hungry as we can quickly send data using built in commands. When using MQTT over TCP it needs more commands to connect and send data and difficult to debug because of its binary nature.

No one can guarantee that your design will work except you :slight_smile:
You send PCB power the Gerber files in RS274x format and they will deliver the PCB to you.

Thank you so much sir! :slight_smile:

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Sir, MQTT or HTTP which is the best way to use in tracker for sending coordinates. Is there any efficient and low cost way for tracking other than these two.
2.What did you use for valtrack v2(HTTP or MQTT)?

MQTT is better for short interval fast communication. HTTP takes time and more data and suitable for higher intervals >10seconds.
VALTRACK-V2 supports MQTT and HTTP. Selectable by an Android Application.

But all servers won’t support MQTT. HTTP is the standard for API’s.

okay thank you sir. :slight_smile:

Hello sir Can you tell me the steps and different things to learn for a beginner to design his own hardware. Please help me by explaining first thing to making hardware work successfully required( software required to design etc).

Vamshi create a separate thread for it a good topic name :slight_smile: