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Hello Guys,
I am working on SIM7500A ( USA version ) Indian bands not supported. I got AT responses fine
My question:
if I insert INDIAN simcard in this module than what should be the response of module on asking “AT+CPIN?” ?
currently I am getting response as “+CME ERROR: Sim not inserted”
any Idea on this is appreciated
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  • Jay

i guess your question already as the answer in it!.

You said that its a USA Version and the Indian Bands are not supported then how can you get a Signal Lock?

Parth Temkar

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Thank you Parth.
I do understand that it won’t get signal lock here in india and so it replies +CREG:0,0 on asking network registration. But what I am looking for is will it detect SIM here in india or not ? currently I am getting above mentioned “+CME ERROR: sim not inserted”. Main motive is Before I ship to US , I am worrying that my hardware is ok or not ?? and “AT+CPIN?” will look for Sim inserted and have pin or not If I am not wrong.
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  • JAY

AT+CPIN command will tell if SIM card is inserted/detected or not. If you get CPIN response as NOT INSERTED then check your SIM connector, it might be loose or not soldered properly.
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