How act after an HTTPINIT ERROR (without having it initiated first)


I have found a random error that I can’t force.

When I’m going to send a HTTP POST I always start the HTTP service and, after sending it I finish it. After 3 hours working correctly I found that my program was stopped due a HTTPINIT ERROR. I don’t know how to force that error to check it.

So my question is, how I should try to solve that possible problem? I have thought in 2 different options:

  1. Try to send it again if I receive the error
  2. Reset the SIM868 and configure it again.

The second one is going to work, but I don’t really want to do it. Do you know if I send it again it will work?


Its common for it to happen if the HTTPTERM didnt close it properly. Just do SAPBR 0,1 and HTTP TERM and restart from opening a bearer profile again. No need to hardreset the module. This is a common procedure on all our firmware.