How do you upgrade SIM800 firmware in Ubuntu environment

I am working on Ubuntu platform. All the tools available in SIM website at are for windows environment. How do you update the firmware from linux like platforms?

I don’t think they have a Linux based firmware update tool.

In the SIM800 Series_Software Upgrade _Application Note_V1.02 appears how to do the upgrade using Linux.
I found that application note here:

I have searched and I didn’t found the source code in the official SIM website, but I have found this repo:

I hope it works, if not search again in the official page because it should be there.

It’s not there on the official page.

The git hub repo last comment is ‘…typos… fixing it’. But, I will give it a try.

If you have succeeded with the firmware update could you please elaborate the steps involved in this process? Thank you!